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Domestic Partner Reminder

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing and vote on the county's proposed Domestic Partnership Registry on the evening of Tuesday, August 13th, beginning at 6:30PM. Supporters of the registry are encouraged to attend. There will be groups handing out signs that you can wear, saying "I Support Domsetic Partnership". Just being in the audience wearing a sign will send an effective message to the board. Supporters wishing to speak are urged to prepare their remarks in advance, as they will probably be limited to two minutes. Same-sex couples raising children together, senior citizens, disabled persons, and clergy are especially encouraged to speak. 

The hearing will be held in the Board of Supervisors chambers on the ground floor of the County Administration Building, 70 W. Hedding St (near First St.) in San Jose. Seating will be limited, so arrive early, by 5:30 if possible.

-- by Jim Dugan

New Directions for HIV Prevention

In mid-July over 1,000 people participated in the 18th National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference and 14th National AIDS/HIV Forum organized by the National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA) held in Seattle, Washington.

During the conference there were many discussions and presentations on the future of HIV prevention. Many experts feel that although safer sex and condom use campaigns have been necessary strategies, it is no longer enough to maintain safety. A significant study presented by Simon Rosser, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Minnesota, demonstrated the link between homophobia and unsafe sexual behaviors in gay men.

"We studied 200 homosexually active gay men by asking them to fill out a new scale on internalized homophobia developed by myself and Dr. Michael Ross at the University of Texas in Houston," said Rosser. "By looking at their sexual behaviors in the last two months we were able to demonstrate that those with higher levels of internalized homophobia were 5-7 times more likely to report engaging in unsafe sexual behaviors. 

"Particularly those whose internalized homophobia is morally or religiously based are at greatest risk. The preliminary results indicate that 'If I believe I am already dammed before God and I believe my sexuality is immoral, then I'm not going to bother practicing safer sex.'" 

Through their Human Sexuality department at the University of Minnesota, Rosser conducts sexual health seminars for gay men. They have analyzed the pre-test, post-test, and six month follow-up questionnaires answered by the gay men attending the sexual health seminars. "The good news is that there is a strong indication that after attending these seminars there is a significant reduction in internalized homophobia," says Rosser.

"What this means is that homophobia can be treated through psycho-sexual education," says Rosser. "Not only does it make a significant difference, but also the level of homophobia stays down. Once gay people work through internalized homophobia they never look back. That's exciting to me because it suggests we have the capacity to build healthy gay communities." 

Dr. Simon Rosser has written and implements a gay positive curriculum which trains gay men to be comfortable with their sexuality and gives them the ability to build healthier and more sexually alive relationships. Rosser is an associate professor and licensed psychologist at the University of Minnesota, Program in Human Sexuality, Medical School.

National Lesbian and Gay Health Association 
1407 S Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 939-7880

Local HIV Prevention Programs for Gay Men: 
ARIS: Marty Grimes (408) 293-2747
Santa Clara County, AIDS Health Services: 
Gabrielle Antolovich (408) 885-7712

Free Anonymous HIV Testing
now at
2400 Moorpark Ave., Suite 316A
San Jose CA 95128
(408) 885-7000

-- by Gabrielle Antolovich

Annual Picnic - August 11 

This year the annuall HTG Picnic will be held at Kelly Park located at Senter and Keyes in San Jose. The picnic area is the Maple leaf area located between the Japanese Friendship garden and the historical Museum, next to the parking lot. HTG will provide briquettes and lighter fluid for BBQ and cold soft drinks. Please bring a picnic type dish (e.g. a salad, meat, whatever) to share. Starts at noon, lasts until whenever. as with all HTG functions, alcoholic beverages are not appropriate.

To find the park, drive east on Keyes to its dead end at Senter. The park is right in front of you. Where is Keyes? Travel south on Second Street in San jose and Keyes is the last cross street before Second merges with Monterey Highway.

Movie Night

We will once again have one of the favorite HTG activities with a Movie Night at 7:30 on Friday, August 23 at Steve and Phil's home. The evening will feature two films identified in "The Celluloid Closet" as notable gay works.

For directions, come to the August meeting, or leave a message on voicemail (408) AUX-1-HTG. Bring your own beverage and some munchies to share. See you there!

-- by Gene


August 19 - Newsletter Deadline
All articles to mxbrombe@comdisco.com

August 22 - Newsletter Collating Party
6:30 at the Center in San Jose.
Come on down and help lick and stuff.

August 23 - Movie night
Two films identified in the "The Celluloid Closet". See previous article.

-- by Gene

From the Prez

Well, HTG marched in the SF Pride Parade, having been adopted by the Apple Lambda contingent - #86. Despite word being placed on the web page and the voicemail, the HTG president was the entire HTG contingent. I recognized several HTG folks in the crowd watching the parade nonetheless.

Things fell apart for program for the July meeting, but we pulled an impromptu round table discussion about where we should go from here.

In the past I have asked for suggestions and have been met with blank stares. This time was different. We had visitors down from Concord and they were full of energy and ideas.

One thing that HTG has always been is a service organization. We are looking for community service projects to work on.

Meanwhile, the picnic is still on for August. Being an election year and knowing that political programs attract people for our meetings, we have such programs in store for September and October. Both the GOP and the Democrats have much to answer for and it's time we called them on the carpet. The Democrats promised to be friendly to the gay community and many feel that they have renegged on the deal. Should be two rather interesting programs. We are still looking for a program on womens' issues for November. Ideas are welcome.

We aren't dead yet!

-- by Texx

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