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  Torie Osborn to Speak at the DeFrank Center

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  A Pleasant Night Out

  Support Lesbian and Gay Parents

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Torie Osborn to Speak at the DeFrank Center

Torie Osborn, lesbian and gay activist, former executive director of the Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, and former executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force will be visiting San Jose in November (see ad below). Her book, Coming Home To America: a roadmap to gay and lesbian empowerment, is due out this month. She will be talking and signing books at the Billy DeFrank Lesbian and Gay Community Center November 16th. Osborn is a firm believer that lesbian and gay community centers are crucial in creating social change. We need to have a safe space we can call 'ours'. In San Jose we are fortunate to have a large functioning center where we can meet for social, political, and educational purposes.

We will be welcoming Torie Osborn for our Saturday afternoon at the Center to hear her talk about organizing politically. She organized the first gathering of lesbian and gay activists to meet with the President. She has broken new ground politically throughout her career. She is an inspiring speaker, so if you want that extra push to get you involved in gay activism, make a point to be there.

Osborn was the co-founder/producer of the legendary West Coast Women's Music Festival held in Yosemite every Labor Day. Her experience in seeing the women's music movement blossom from a relatively small beginning to big business is worth hearing. Osborn has raised millions of dollars through fund raisers and grants: she has a talent for turning big ideas into big projects.

Her book inspires everyone to better understand lesbian and gay struggle as a personal journey, and lesbian and gay struggle as a movement. She moves people to go beyond the struggle, the infighting, and doubts experienced personally and politically. She takes us to the next stage: empowerment.

-- by Gabrielle Antolovich

Words from the Prez

Work demands have caused Derrick Benn to seek someone to complete his term as secretary. Fred has stepped forward to help us, and he has already been quite helpful.

Plans are proceeding for the Sept & Oct political forums. We do not have absolute concrete commitments in time for the newsletter deadline. The Republicans are very nervous about talking to us. They tell me that they get far more negativity from the gay community than they do from even the far right. I've had to promise that I m not suckering them into an ambush, so there will be some rules about just how nasty the questions will be allowed. We are inviting the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Green parties for our September and October meetings (for more details on which party is at which meeting, check the HTG voicemail. I will say the Republicans are better at returning calls than the others.

I am still not getting very much input from the membership about program. The only real input on programming has been a few people asking for more technical programs. So far, I ve held off on this, concerned that I was going to scare off the non-techies. I m very interested in any other ideas for speakers and programs for meetings.

It is very important to learn the question to this question. "Why are we a corporation ?" The state corp fees took a significant bite out of out treasury this month. Rick Rudy must have done this for a reason, no?

We moved the board meetings out of Hamburger Mary s because of the hub bub around us. Unfortunately, Wed night Bingo is also noisy at DeFrank, so we are looking for yet another place. HTG board meetings (I d like to rename them planning meetings) are open to the public. PLEASE come ! Give us your input ! An organization can only survive as long as it serves the needs of its membership and we need to learn what the needs of our ARE !

The voicemail system is again being maintained regularly. More up to date info will be posted there as well as our web site.

-- by Texx

A Pleasant Night Out

On the 31st of July, a group of eight HTGers met at Johnny, Frankie and Luigi s (an Italian restaurant on the El Camino in Mountain View) for dinner and conversation as arranged by Gene. Gene is chairman of the Activities Committee and has arranged many such affair. As far as the restaurant is concerned, the ambiance was pleasant and the restaurant was quiet enough that conversation could take place without yelling. the food ranges from pizza, in the usual price range of 10 to 20 bucks depending on the usual choices, to higher class Italian fare with entrees ranging in the 6 to 20 bucks. The food quality - in my opinion - would rate about 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. The quantity rates a full 10. No one need go away hungry. The traditional Caeser salad was excellent for only $2.95. One diner ordered pasta just tossed with olive oil and garlic. Smelled delightful and there wasn t a vampire within 10 miles. The company was congenial and that made the evening. If you want a very pleasant experience with friendly, gay company, trust Gene to provide it.

-- by The Masked Party Guy

Support Lesbian and Gay Parents

The State of California wants to change the Adoption regulations so that they are perfectly clear in banning adoption by lesbian and gay couples, as well as banning limited consent adoptions (where one partners adopts the others child, giving the child 2 legal parents)!

What can you do?

Write a letter to the below address and express support for Lesbian and gay parents, urging no change to change to sections 35124, 35184 and 35258 of the California Code of Regulations. Love makes a Family!!

Mail/fax to:
Frank R. Vitulli, CDSS
Office of Regulations Development
744 "P" Street, MS 7-192
Sacramento, CA 95814
fax (916) 654-3286

also send a copy to:
National Center for Lesbian Rights
870 Market St, Suite 570
SF, CA 94102
fax (415) 392-8442

HTG Picnic Pretty Cool

The weather was really hot, but the picnic was still pretty cool (even though we didn t get a chance to ride the train which goes from one end of Kelly Park to the other). The park is nice, food was good, turn-out wasn t too shabby. Best part was trying to get the fire to start without matches. We certainly proved how resourceful (?) a group of techies really can be when the necessity arises. Anyway, a fun time was had by all.

-- by Mike Bromberg


4 september - HTG board meeting
7:30 at the Center in the Lavendar Liquids area. Please come!

8 september - HTG meeting-potluck
6:30 at the DeFrank Center. Several political parties will be on hand to discuss with you all the virtues of their particular party. Watch the Web page and HTG voicemail for more info as it becomes available. (and don t forget the potluck dish)

16 september - newsletter deadline
Best have any articles and pictures and such for the October issue in to Mike by 10AM , or else!

18 september - dinner at The Cats
Dinner at one of HTG s favortie restaurant s, The Cats in Los Gatos. Cocktails at 7:30, dinner at 8:00 PM. Sign ups and deposit due at the September 8th meeting. Info: Gene at (408)289-1484.

19 september - newsletter collating
The place to see and be seen! Come on down to the DeFrank Center and help fold, lick and stuff (newsletters, that is...). Doesn t take much time at all, and your work sure is appreciated! 6:30 sharp, or miss the best part.

-- by Gene

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